My wife and I put our first tombstones on our lawn over 10 years
ago.  We both had fond childhood memories of Halloween and
desired to keep the  tradition alive in Beverlywood.  Our passion is
to provide great and safe entertainment to the young trick or
treater.  If you are a teenager prepare to be bored - this isn't
Knotts Scary Farm.  We don't have chainsaws, blood and gore.  
We do feature live actors but they are there to add a creepy feel
to the experience not to jump out at you.  It's just the front lawn
nothing inside the house.  The theme is grave yard creepy.  Some
kids are too scared to walk the steps and others claim not to be
scared at all so a balance has been struck.  All are entertained.

Thanks to all our neighbors
who have allowed us to bring this
to you in all of it's craziness.

Keep in mind to be careful.
Our Lawn has steep steps and driveway.

No Running!
Enter at your own risk