Many years ago this area was settled by
strangers who dabbled in magic.  No one knows
much about them as they disappeared silently one
October night. Some say they all died suddenly
but no one could prove it.  The towns people
uncovered no bodies as they dug the  nearby
ground. They simply disappeared.  As a resident
of this neighborhood I can claim right now that
they are STILL here.  The October night reveals
their secrets. Some nights a grave yard appears
but is there anyone buried there?  If you plan to
venture around this neighborhood I must warn
you to Beware.  If a grave yard appears it is only
because they can sense your life force and desire
to live once again!  Don't touch anything in this
grave yard and pray that nothing touches you.  As
for me, I didn't heed this warning and now it's
too late.  I'm a prisoner between time and space -
longing to leave this crestfallen place.